Bring your OWN tailored VIP in to SaaS. No need to rip-and-replace.

Don’t throw your investment away. DLGL offers Premium SaaS. No risk, no delays, completely transparent. Subscription-based.

VIP_premium_SaaS_1VIP clients, many of which have been nurturing their own version of VIP for 20 years, will be happy to learn that DLGL now offers a unique Premium SaaS approach designed to protect their investment in meeting their specific needs by just evolving in to a new delivery mechanism: Software-as-a-Service.

In the same way that VIP went from client server to web-based, without disturbing the fine-tuned functionality and the database, it is now going from client maintained to supplier maintained by DLGL.

All client selected and scheduled future upgrades, functional and technical, are executed by DLGL, the author of the software as part of the Premium SaaS service which enhances and replaces former maintenance agreements. It can start with the migration to 8G if you are on 7G or 6G.

Why undertake a high risk complete rip-and-replace project, losing all the investment in the past, the fine-tuning to the needs, the training, the user familiarity, the historical data and its structure, without knowing if there is any way back from the adventure one day, abandoning ownership of software and data structures, hence being subjected to unlimited pricing power by the supplier? All for the false promise of a one-size-fits-all generic offer that actually turns into a spaghetti of connectors with die-dates, interfaces and black boxes?

DLGL can transfer YOUR VIP in to SaaS, in a reversible process, no feasibility risk, no delays, completely transparent to the users, at a fraction of the cost of any alternative. And, of course, VIP continues to be the system with the greatest scope out there by a wide margin, bar none.


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