DLGL’s VIP solution continues to expand its presence in the market. While Logibec distributes VIP to Health Care, DLGL will remain focused on investing and growing VIP and delivering it to all other large organizations.

Logibec, a leader in innovative solutions for the optimization of key health systems in Canada, has selected VIP, our leading HR, Payroll, Workforce Management, Pension, Talent Management, Self-Service Tools and Business Intelligence solution, for its HCM platform. This positions VIP to become the foremost Human Capital Management software solution for Health Care in Canada.

Human Capital Management: Logibec partners with DLGL


Fanny Bourel – 14/07/2016


Logibec has signed a partnership with DLGL, a Blainville based company, to offer Human Capital Management solutions (HCM) in the Health Care network.

Logibec, a Montreal firm, is specializing in information systems and software for the Health Care sector.

DLGL already provides a HCM solution called VIP, which includes integrated payroll and human resources functionalities. It aims to offer an alternative to enterprise resource planning systems.

Thanks to this agreement, Logibec should transition its human resource management solutions and payroll, i.e. Espresso HRM/Payroll and Quadrant Workforce, towards a new product that should be named  Logibec HCM. Powered by VIP, Logibec HCM aims to meet the needs of the Health Care sector.

Deployed across Canada and providing a cloud computing SaaS model, Logibec HCM should integrate a process and workflow management engine for Health Care facilities.

Current customers of Espresso HRM/Payroll and Quadrant Workforce should be able to enhance the version of their existing solution.

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Logibec develops a next generation human capital management solution with SaaS capabilities designed for the Canadian health network

MONTRÉAL, July 13, 2016 /CNW Telbec/ – Logibec Inc. (Logibec) announced today the signing of a partnership with D.L.G.L. Ltd. (DLGL) to offer the next generation of a Human Capital Management (HCM) solution designed for the Canadian healthcare market. DLGL will maintain its relationship with its current clients and will continue to support them.

Based in Blainville (Quebec), DLGL offers a HCM solution, known as VIP, to large Canadian companies with specific requirements that exceed the constraints of non-customizable software. The VIP product provides comprehensive and totally integrated Human resources and payroll functionalities and is an alternative to complex and costly ERP solutions.

This partnership will enable Logibec to rapidly evolve its Human Resources and Payroll Management solutions, Espresso HR/Payroll and Quadrant Workforce, towards a next-generation HCM solution named Logibec HCM, powered by VIP, in order to meet the advanced and constantly evolving needs of the healthcare sector in Canada.

This new generation will offer several additional features including the integration of a robust process and workflow management engine that will enable healthcare facilities to improve their performance. As a 100% Web-based solution allowing clients to use a Cloud/SaaS deployment model, Logibec HCM, powered by VIP, will be a leading-edge solution.

Marc Brunet, President and Chief Executive Officer of Logibec states: “We are proud to partner with DLGL to accelerate the availability of the next generation of our HCM solution designed for the health network and offer a comprehensive and configurable solution meeting the constantly evolving needs of healthcare providers. Our expertise in the health network that we have been serving for over 30 years, combined with the technology developed by DLGL, will be key factors for the success of this partnership for the benefit of our clients.”

“We are honoured by Logibec’s vote of confidence,” states Jacques Guénette, President of DLGL. “VIP’s market presence will increase dramatically with Logibec’s deep knowledge of the healthcare sector, and its predominant presence. This partnership will enable Logibec HCM to become the leading modern solution across Canada at a time when all healthcare facilities are seeking to modernize their HR management tools.”

Logibec HCM, powered by VIP, will be deployed throughout Canada and will enable current Espresso HR/Payroll and Quadrant Workforce clients to upgrade the current version of their solution for a solution with more features. Logibec will continue to support Espresso HR/Payroll and Quadrant Workforce software.

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