Ottawa – Complex payroll system in production in 9 months! Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa (CASO) just deployed DLGL’s VIP integrated systems for all their employees.

How would you like to participate in an implementation team of a complex payroll system in the Ottawa region these days? The projectors were powerful and many on the joint CASO and DLGL Team when the final approval was given, and the warnings were many in a region which has witnessed up close the disastrous adventures of Phoenix.
And 9 months later, the first payroll was delivered with perfect accuracy, thanks to superb teamwork as expressed in the following notes:

  • That is fantastic! What a milestone to achieve.
  • Amazing work team!!!
  • You all have demonstrated tremendous sticking power until success has been achieved.

This was the second VIP installation in the segment, with Children’s Aid Society of Toronto being the first one.
Everybody hopes there will be more…