DLGL launches COVID-20 Trace, an HCM health crisis management support module integrated with VIP

DLGL wishes to express feelings of solidarity with all those who suffer physically, psychologically and economically from this devastating pandemic.

Epidemiologists had been forewarning since SARS particularly on the possibility of such a catastrophic event, and they still do for the future. Might be called COVID 27, or COVID 35, or a complete new family of beasts. But the consensus seems to be it will happen again.

In that sense, it is not a Black Swan event; it was predictable and still is.

At DLGL we neither manufacture masks or respirators, but we hope we can contribute in our area of expertise to a return to normalcy.

COVID-20 Trace is designed to help employers of the DLGL clientele using VIP with the administrivia and management of responsibilities in such periods of crisis:

  • Making sure their employees and families are safe.
  • Facilitating compliance with myriads of rules and regulations across the geographies.
  • Protecting the sustainability of their operations and services to their customers.
  • Minimizing the costs.
  • Gathering the data for optimal decision-making during the crisis.
  • Documenting events in order to justify accessibility to numerous help programs post crisis such as the workforce training subsidy program in Quebec.

All of the above require data, a lot of data. Piggy-backing on the more than 4,000 data elements about the people and the organization already structured in VIP should be the easiest path.

Of course, this is a severe case of painting the aircraft in full flight, with such things as government rules and programs changing by the hour. But waiting for all the dust to settle over months is not an option.

This should be considered a Beta release, with a lot of quick additions to come. COVID-20 Trace is available to VIP clients as part of maintenance, on a first come first serve best effort basis. Please contact your Client Executive.

For more detailed and regularly updated information on the content of COVID-20 Trace, follow the link buzz.dlgl.com