V.I.P. now pays 100% of CBC employees, a 35% under budget project


Earlier this month the last remaining group of CBC employees – the French Network Short Term Contract employees –  were successfully migrated into VIP. That makes it 100% of all CBC employees now being paid by V.I.P.!

Delivered on time and at 35% below budget, the project was a great success!


Some V.I.P. figures at CBC:

  •   9,500 current pensioners from a database of over 18,000
  • 11,300 current employees from a database of over 40,000
  •   1,500 performers from a database of over 90,000
VIP contains 20 years of CBC hard data – a veritable BI gold mine; some approximate figures:
  • Over 175 million detailed daily earnings transactions
  • Over 110 million detailed daily attendance/absenteeism records
  • Over 450,000 records tracking employee salary history
  • Over 200,000 records tracking employee position history
  • Over 160,000 records tracking employment status history
  • All kept online, accessible always, used continuously


Since first going live with VIP 20 years ago, some approximate stats:

  • Over 5.7 million individual employee payrolls have been run
  • Over  1.8 million individual pensioner payrolls have been run
  • Over 675,000 year-end slips have been produced
  • No payroll has ever been missed!
  • No year-end has ever been late!

A 20 year partnership that continues to grow with many more opportunities awaiting!


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