Ensuring Customer Service through Health & Fitness

Jacques Guenette explains why employee health is important in being able to provide good client support

IMG_0685In addition to its gymnasium, fitness centre and personal trainer, DLGL has expanded its employee health offering to include a Physium – an on-site health centre where employees will have regular access to a physician and physiotherapist.

When asked why DLGL is so focused on promoting health and fitness amongst its employees, President Jacques Guenette explains that in addition to the obvious personal benefits for our employees, it also enables continued good client support:

“The link between healthy employees and good client support is pretty straightforward. Good client support is built around providing our clients with the right resource at the right time for the right purpose. Of course this support model is predicated on our resources being available to our clients – which is why we go to great lengths to ensure this availability. By actively promoting health and fitness amongst our staff, we reduce the potential for health related absenteeism, helping to ensure that our employees are available when our clients need them – and that’s fundamental to providing good client support.”DLGL Vipnasium

DLGL extends a warm welcome to our new Physium practitioners: Marjo, Roland and Francois who, along with Raquel, our resident fitness task master, will take care of our health and fitness so we can, in turn, continue to take care of our clients!

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