Canada’s largest national sporting goods retailer, FGL Sports, has expanded its V.I.P. usage across 23 recently acquired stores.

FGL LogosFGL Sports operates several banners, including Sport ChekAtmosphereSports ExpertsNational SportsHockey ExpertsS3 and Nevada Bob’s Golf

FGL Sports, a division of Canadian Tire Corporation Limited, continues to leverage V.I.P. with the addition of 800+ employees of recently acquired Pro Hockey Life, bringing the total number of individuals managed within the application close to 13,000.

Located in Calgary, the HR and Payroll departments use V.I.P. to manage FGL Sports’ corporate employees working across all 10 provinces. FGL Sports, the largest and only national sporting goods retailer in Canada, became a DLGL client back in 1994 – a 20 year relationship that continues to grow!

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