In only six weeks, FGL Sports integrated in V.I.P. 900 employees from Pro Hockey Life (Sports Rousseau, L’entrepôt du hockey). They now have more than 13,000 employees across the country on V.I.P.

The first discussion ever on that subject was on to January 6th, 2014 for a first live payroll on February 21st. Only 6 weeks in total to bring in 900 employees!

FGL Sports

“The great relation and collaboration we have with FGL Sports team allowed us to make this possible”, states Stephan Lauzon, DLGL’s Client-Executive for FGL Sports since they went live with V.I.P. in 1995. “As usual, the devotion and  openness of their people is what makes our partnership a real pleasure.”

FGL Sports, a division of Canadian Tire Corporation Limited, operates several banners, including Sport ChekAtmosphereSports ExpertsNational SportsHockey ExpertsS3 and Nevada Bob’s Golf.

DLGL would like to thank the people at FGL Sports for these 20 years of ongoing collaboration. 


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