Via Rail Canada now running full steam with VIP’s Talent Management and Bonus and Salary Review functionality. The Project Manager writes: “A truly honest thank you to all”.

Just as VIP evolves with you, DLGL is there to assist in meeting your business needs with state-of-the-art solutions tailored to your current and future requirements.  Talent Management is a perfect example.

Via Rail Canada, a DLGL client for 15 years, recently implemented the Talent Management functionality.  In addition, the company decided to fully leverage the Salary and Bonus Review features.  After their go-live, here is what the project leader wrote to DLGL owner Jacques Guénette, about the support provided by the DLGL resources:

“Marc and Pierre did an outstanding job in the Talent Management and Salary/Bonus Administration project for the VIP 8-G …

Marc was quick, accurate and accommodating in our ever pressing needs and was committed to meeting our deadline as our employees.  Pierre had to deal with our ever changing requests to all the reports … 

Honorable mention goes to all the supporting cast at DLGL which work so well together in finding solutions to any problems we may have!”

DLGL and all its employees are happy to support their clients in their new challenges.

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