Is it already the beginning of the end of the Cloud?

When the future unravels, we typically can see in hindsight that the clues were there, on the wall.

So what clues do we have today:

  • Cloud sales with all the big suppliers are down
  • More and more public complaints on the real costs of Cloud
  • Massive firings in the IT industry
  • IBM is offering bare metal Iaas (Infrastructure-as-a-service) to run your portfolio of apps as is (single tenancy). The billions invested in what the new prophets cavalierly call “legacy” have a certain stickiness due to the fact they do run still 95% of the business of 95% of the businesses…
  • Oracle will supply you with an on-premise (your premise) Cloud to run your portfolio of apps as is (single tenancy), recognizing the same facts as IBM.

The space between on-premise single tenant sometimes homegrown bespoke architectures all the way to public cloud one-size-fits-all multi-tenancy is a continuum of options where even agreeing on what the terms mean is very difficult.

Where are you supposed to bet your corporate limited IT funds?

Over 43 years in the HCM software business, DLGL has devised a strategy where the business layer (your unique needs ) contains all the information to generate and re-generate the technology layer beneath it, and continue playing your music with a different set of instruments in the band. That is why DLGL’s VIP product has clients in their 29th year who never lost a single dollar invested in their bespoke business solution, nor a single element of data, all the while being kept up to date in numerous iterations of the technology.

VIP exists in:

  • Single Tenant Architecture (one client on the software)
  • Multi-Tenant Architecture (many clients on the same software)
  • Condo Architecture (same software, multiple databases)
  • On-Premise Purchase (ONP)
  • Private Cloud on Premise SaaS (PRI)
  • Premium Hosted Cloud Based SaaS (SoC)

Any client can select any type of deployment, and later on move from one to the other, and back. Nothing irreversible.

And when the next technology revolution comes along, your VIP business layer will just be re-generated, safeguarding your idiosyncrasies and the historical data.

So, to the initial question, maybe, maybe not. Position yourself to not care.